Electric Lunch Box Ofunch Ofunch White polypropylene Rectangular

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An extremely practical lunch box for heating up food or keeping it warm without the need for a microwave. Ideal for taking lunch to work and heating it up easily in the office. It is simple to use, you just need to plug the lunch box into the mains electricity using the removable cable (included), wait for a few minutes, and enjoy warm home-cooked food. It has a capacity of 1.05L and can reach a maximum temperature of up to 70 ºC. Inside, it features a removable tray with 2 separate compartments and a smaller container with a lid which is also removable, so both can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher. The container with lid is useful for salads or desserts and the other for the foods you want to heat up. The lunch box lid has a steam release valve and a cutlery compartment which includes a spoon. It also has 4 safety catches to close it and a folding carry handle so that it can be taken anywhere more conveniently. It can also be used as a conventional lunch box for cold or fresh foods.

  • Colour:
    • White
    • Green
  • Design: Innovative and functional
  • Type:
    • Electric
    • Electric Lunch Box
  • Capacity: 1,05 L
  • Extractable Tray:
    • 2 Compartments
    • Suitable for dishwashers
  • Container:
    • With lid
    • Removable
  • Temperature max.: 70 ºC
  • Lid with cutlery compartment:
    • Spoon
    • Steam escape valve
    • Safety fastener x4
  • Carrying handle: Foldable
  • Easy to use: Convenient and easy to use
  • Detachable: Easy to clean
  • Original and portable: Versatile and adaptable
  • Light and manageable: Easy to transport and store
  • Type of plug: C
  • Removable cable: 80 cm
  • Power: 40 W
  • AC In: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Approx. dimensions: 24 x 16,5 x 10,5 cm
  • Length: 24 cm
  • Packaging and manual in 24 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Slovenian, Greek, Czech, Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovakian, Estonian, Russian and Latvian
  • Width: 16 cm
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Approx. weight: 600 g