No-Oil Fryer Black Stainless steel 1700 W 5,5 L

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InnovaGoods is here to help you make cooking easy and fun by offering you the best new items for your kitchen, such as the No-Oil Fryer InnovaGoods Black Stainless steel 1700 W 5,5 L ! Discover a wide range of high-quality items that stand out for their functionality, efficiency and innovative design!

Our air fryers offer a new healthy way to prepare deliciousrecipes. With their powerful fans, fast flowing 360º hot air cooks moreefficiently than conventional household appliances.

The 1700W and 5,5L capacity oil-free fryer enables you tocook nutritious meals in much less time. Additionally, it is versatile, it isvery simple to clean and features protection against overheating.

  • Easy to use: Choose from the 8 programmes on its digital touchpanel, adjust the temperature and time, and fry, roast, toast, bake,dehydrate, defrost, reheat and grill. Cook delicious and healthy food using upto 95% less fat and with up to 80% fewer calories. Includes QR magnet withonline recipe book containing more than 100 recipes in different languages.

  • Modern and compact: The airfryer is the ideal size for families of 3 or 5 people. With its 5,5L capacity, it takes maximum advantage ofthe space available. In addition, with its 1700 W of power, you will obtain perfect cooking inrecord time.

  •  360º Air Flow: The 360° hot air circulation technology enables the fryer to cookquickly, saving energy and up to 66% of time. Thebasket with holes helps the flow of air to circulate inside,guaranteeing food is evenly cooked so you can enjoy food which is crispy on theoutside and soft on the inside.
  •  High quality: The fryer features a removable basket designed with advancedtechnology and manufactured with non-stick material which prevents foodsfrom sticking and enables the airflow to be evenly distributed.
  •  Cleaning and maintenance: Some recipes require the use of containers thatare suitable for use in the fryer, preferably made of silicone. To prevent damage to thenon-stick layer of the basket, we recommend not using metal containers or abrasive cleaning materials. The removable basketis dishwasher safe.
  • Material:
    • polypropylene
    • BPA-free
    • Stainless steel
  • Colour:
    • Black
    • Silver
  • Type: No-Oil Fryer
  • Capacity: 5,5 L
  • Airflow: 360º
  • Includes: Recipe book
  • Eco-friendly: Energy saving
  • Characteristics:
    • Cook food quickly without fat
    • BPA-free
  • Multifunction: 8 programmes
  • Adjustable temperature: 80-200 ºC
  • Properties: Non-stick
  • Easy to clean: Suitable for dishwashers
  • Type of plug:
    • F
    • Plug EU
  • Cable length: 75 cm
  • Power: 1700 W
  • AC In: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Approx. dimensions: 36,5 x 28,6 x 33,7 cm
  • Product with plug: Yes